Wednesday, February 17, 2010

it's been so long! my very own quiet little corner of the internet. it seems that way, doesn't it? this page is so dark, and quiet and lonely. sort of like me, i suppose that's why it's mine. nothing too terribly exciting is happening, just the olympics. oh the olympics ... i'm a fan, but not too much of a fan. there are strange sports that i didn't even know existed, and are so boring to watch. i'm so happy the olympics are here at home. and i'm so sad about the death of the luger from Georgia. i had to force myself to watch the run, and i got goosebumps. it was so emotional, and i'm so sad for him and his family.

i've been writing a lot, lately. more than normal. i had a wonderful story idea pop into my head, it's a bit of a story about how i wish my life was. it's quite beautiful. full of travel, and heat, and discovering ... a bit of mystery, lots of people and some moments of love. i'm quite passionate about it. my desk has papers with scribbles all over them, and although the disorganization drives me crazy, it's alright. perhaps i could publish this someday. that would be wonderful. what a dreamer am i.

my throat is scratchy, and its snowing. i love the snow. but i love the heat. i love the idea of heat. i am so fair and freckled, sometimes the heat turns me raw and pink. i had a slushie today, and i didn't think it was at all strange. but my friend is visiting (from new zealand) and he thought it the funniest thing to be drinking a chilled and frozen drink while it was minus five outside. i found that fascinating, how he noticed something that i thought to be simple and regular. differences between people like that interest me.

i think i would like to move to austalia. how would i get my furniture there safely? they're antique and im quite sentimental. and my career plans would never allow a move there. but i want to go there, and live, and photograph.


  1. what kind of writing do you do? just blogging or poetry and prose?

  2. I love the colours in that photograph!