Saturday, December 5, 2009

ma maison

not a place i enjoy. it's full of high-pitched yelling, deep voices booming, and many accents flying around in the air. chaos and unhappiness. how desperately i want to get away. run to a big city - how cliche. but i have a plan. fly to new york, and work at a hotel/hostel in exchange for a bed. wonderful, in theory. i would spend my days wandering around, soaking up the magnificent energy. so many opporitunities, on the stage, in important businesses. if only i could be sure everything would work out. i am not a silly child, this is only a dream of mine - one which i will most likely not act on. but how wonderful would it be, to escape just for a day!

my travels have been lacking in my short life. england, scotland and amsterdam are as far as i've seen. mind you, they were sensational, and i wouldn't trade them for anything. i wasn't alone, though. i always was under a close watch, and lived by schedules. not my idea of travelling. i'd like to explore ghana, or tanzania .. relax in the maldives, and greece. perhaps sky dive in new zealand, and bungee jump in brazil. i'd meet wonderful people, hear their stories, take so many pictures ... india is so mystical, and russia would be so interesting. i'd hike through all of europe, taking in sweeping views of mountains, and the stories of old cities, then jet off to korea - i would understand them, there. spend a week in japan with some friends, and sail all the way to madagascar. we'd make our way to zambia!

then, once i've seen all my eyes can see, i would sleep. on a plane, perhaps. coming home to canada, but not to this house. no, i cannot travel far enough away.

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