Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the noise and rush

a big city eludes fantasy. magical and whimsical, noise and thriving energy. i'm so ready for this to be my life. the noise i hear now, in my house, is hardly anything to dream of. i imagine that there is much worse fates of people, the gruesome world beyond my countries boarders. am i sheltered? perhaps. i am a dreamer, of course. how can i grow, and learn and become, in a house with walls which will never be broken. there is no art to look at. there is no comfort or softness.

with each passing day, my life seems to be slipping away. how tragic. i can see it running though my fingers, with no power, no energy to stop it. can noise be my defeat? how silly that sounds, but how true it rings. i wonder if i could crawl into the minds of others, what they think and how they feel. is it any different from me? if only i could.

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  1. I fell across your blog because of this picture. I was looking for a magical cityscape of lights and I found this.

    The magic is all around us, we choose to call it life and give it mundane boundaries. Getting into someones mind is magical, but only if you allow them into your own.