Sunday, December 6, 2009

no point, just thoughts

the smell of laundry detergent surrounds me. i don't like this smell, it gives me a headache and smells a bit stuffy. we should change that. i slept until three o'clock today, woken up by the vacuum cleaner, and my large mother bounding into my bedroom. doors are there for a reason. i think nobody in my house knows what privacy is. i certainly don't have very much of it.

at work i act so silly. like a stupid and shy little girl. perhaps that's why people seem to think i am in fact, stupid and shy. i am not, i assure you. my IQ is 148, but i really don't think that means much. crunching numbers and solving mathematics questions doesn't help you very much if you don't know how to apply them, or if you have limited people skills.

sometimes, i don't like people very much. perhaps it's north american people i don't like. we are all so selfish and rude. but, throw me into another country, and i would have friends and be enjoying myself in no time. perhaps this is just my 'escape' thing. i'm like a runaway. i want to get away from this life. but i'm sure that's been quite clear. i would like to run away, now that i think about it ... it would be so magical, i think.

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