Thursday, December 3, 2009

a day in retrospect

yesterday, i saw the canadian flag draped over a window as a curtain. it was a big window, in a beautiful old house. the house had something marvelously bewitching about it. it had big brick pillars, and old wooden window frames painted white, which looked more like cream and were chipping away. the old trees had almost lost all their leaves and the grass was a deep green. i fell in love, and very much wish i could take pictures of it, for a shoot perhaps. maybe the rain helped make it seem more extraordinary than it really was.
the streets were like mirrors, reflecting every street lamp, break lights, the christmas wreaths hun on the lamp posts ... it made me feel like i was in an exciting place, a big exuberant city. however, in the car was a person who i do not care for. everything would have been better had she not been there. but why focus on the negative.

i stayed up 30 hours that day, and fell asleep last night at around eight. i slept until eleven this morning. it was wonderful. and refreshing. i had an excuse not to go to school, terribly repressing and trivial as it seems, i am stuck for an extra year there. how terrible.

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